About Epic Level Hobby

We’re simply a blog about the tabletop gaming hobby…

That’s the crux of it, anyway. We’re four guys in the UK who, during the second 2020 lockdown, each needed a reason to start yet another Games Workshop army. For all of us, miniature painting, as well as hobby discussion via WhatsApp, had become a key ingredient in keeping sane.

Taking inspiration from the Tale of Four Gamers format so effectively used in White Dwarf magazine throughout the years, we set a challenge to each build a 2,000 point Warhammer: Age of Sigmar army over the course of 2021, in agreed monthly increments. Hopefully, when Nurgle’s chubby fingers lose their grasp on the UK, we may even get to play some games with these armies. Epic Level Hobby is where we will document our progress, as well as any other tips and ponderings on the whole topic of the tabletop hobby, not just restricted to Age of Sigmar or even Games Workshop.

Why Epic Level Hobby?

A lot of paintbrushes in a stand on a messy wargaming hobby desk

When we say ‘epic’, we’re not talking about god-tier, Golden Demon-winning paint jobs or mega 20,000pt diorama battles. Nor is it about tiny space marines. For us, the hobby becomes truly epic when you encompass all aspects of it into a well-rounded pursuit of passion. The essentials are the ‘Three Ps’; Plotting, Painting, Playing. As we build our armies, we will thoughtfully consider and document each ‘P’.

Plotting: What is the story behind this army? How do they fit within the Age of Sigmar setting and the conflict that we are building toward between our armies?

Painting: How are we going to achieve the desired look for our armies? Will any conversion be required? Which tools helped us along the way and what mistakes were made? Stay tuned for some handy How-to’s.

Playing: Even if the lockdown postpones us getting together to throw some dice for the foreseeable future, we will be thinking about tactics with each increment we add to our armies. Theory-hammer and number crunching will likely become a large element of the blog and when the ‘ronapocalypse is over, expect plenty of battle reports as our armies face off across the Mortal Realms.

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