I painted Teclis!

The archmage cometh and Jim was prescribed glasses shortly after…

I’m done.

It is with great relief, no small amount of pride and a hint of exhaustion that I can finally say. My 2,000 point Lumineth army is complete and now stands proudly in formation in the plum spot of my primary hobby cabinet (of course I have more than one).

It certainly ended on a high-note, with Teclis himself filling the final, whopping 740 points of the army (after 3rd edition changes). This daunting hobby challenge had always loomed ahead in my Tale of Gamers journey and I was certainly excited to get started.

I built the model in the three major segments; Base, Celennar, Teclis. I then painted them in that order, attaching one segment to the whole when the last was done. This “bottom-up” way of working was definitely the right call for this kit and made the overall project far more manageable.

The first big decision was which colour to go for on the shattered elven ruins beneath Celennar’s feet. At first, I was planning something quite conservative – just a simple sandstone kind of look, but I experimented with different washes on 3 sections.

Games Workshop Teclis base part-painted

I was leaning toward the more yellow kind of colour, but felt it necessary to canvas some opinion. I was very glad I did. Everyone I asked said the blue was their favourite. I took the plunge and opted for blue over the whole ruin. It was definitely the right choice.

Teclis base painted

After the many gubbins across the base were painted in various browns, golds and greens, it was time to add and paint Celennar. He was joy. After so many lithe and intricate elves, painting a large beast made mostly of muscle and fur was a delightful change of pace. The feathering on his, well, feathers, was particularly enjoyable. Wraithbone basecoat really can be used for anything.

Painting celennar's feathers

The armour on Celennar would remain the same old formula I have been using for all of my elves and is familiar territory by this point. Speaking of, it was time for Teclis himself…

He was basically another elf. Sure, he has a big cape and more intricate details here and there, but by this point I was so used to painting my chosen lumineth colours on so many models, that this didn’t feel particularly daunting. Quite a nice way to finish the project, actually. The biggest challenge was keeping a smooth consistency to the well-thinned Talassar Blue Contrast on his inner cape. This was a larger space to cover than the usual tassels and crests I had been doing with this colour and if you are careless with Contrast, you can end up with pretty unsightly results.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Teclis fully painted
It’s really difficult to get a decent photo of models this big…

With everything all done, I couldn’t wait to set him up for a photoshoot with his entire skwad. I looked back very fondly on the time I had spent building this army and the fact that, with all the new Lumineth releases from the Teclis book, I had remained true to my vision of an army comprised predominantly of elven soldiers. There’s hints of classic Warhammer, there’s hints of The Silmarillion and yet it still looks right at home in the madcap jumble that is the Age of Sigmar.

Fully painted lumineth army

So, next thing was to learn how to play with these guys – perhaps in some kind of organised event…More on that coming up!

Oh, and yes. I was prescribed glasses very shortly after finishing this army. Not for constant wear, but in the words of my optometrist; “To take the strain off when performing close-detail work…”

By Jim

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