Epic scale hobby?

Paul takes a break from painting gargants

It’s been a good 6 months since we started our challenge – starting with 500 points, then painting 250 points a month, with the aim to get to 2000 points.

Having chosen an army of gargants, I knew I would be painting some 500 point units (three mega-gargants), and gave myself 2-months for each of those. But painting nothing but big projects is a challenge in itself, as much as doing a hoard army can be. 

I needed a little break from massive gargants. So I decided to paint four Imperial Knights!

Here’s one I made earlier…

Now I know what you are thinking, that doesn’t sound like a break from big projects – Questoris knights are at least the size of a mega-gargant, and Cerastus knights are even bigger!

Of course, I’m talking about knights for the Adeptus Titanicus game system, which uses 8mm scale instead of the 28mm scale – so more the size of a large infantry model in Age of Sigmar.

Why Titanicus Knights? Well nothing gets me painting like a deadline. Having planned a little Titanicus campaign weekend with some friends, my little Legio needed some support from some House Terryn Knight Lancers.

The Titanicus Cerastus knights are a wonderful little kit. You get two models in a box, with a few head options, but you can only build Lancers from the base options – you need resin upgrades to make any other knight class. This suits me fine (as I needed a little combat punch added to my force).

I was on a pretty tight deadline, one week for four models is a lot for me, but I also wanted to convert them at least a little bit. A rummage into the bitz box and I emerged with some old Bretonian lances – longer than the shock-lances the knights normally use and a little more regal looking. Perfect!

Many thanks to a certain Thomas C. for supplying enough extra lances for me to complete the unit!

A little more conversion was needed to make these work, using some spare arms from the Cerastus knight kit (which needed some chopping to get the arm position I wanted) and the speakers from some old Imperial Guard vox units. The first knight came together very nicely, and I was able to pin the two halves of the lance into the spare arm’s hand, while adjusting the stance just enough to fit nicely on some slate.

I wanted to paint him before I started building the others. Since my titans are painted in Legio Astorum colours, and House Terryn is associated strongly with the Warp Runners, I just went with their colour scheme – a rich blue, with some split-red panels, white detailing and gold trim.

Luckily, I have had a lot of practice painting blue panels, as I have a sizable blue Necron army, so there wasn’t much to learn, and I was able to turn out something I was happy with in about a day:

A few appropriate transfers really help to finish off these wonderful models.

With a clear vision of what I needed to do for the other three, it was really all about posing. Many thanks to Matt W. for shipping some additional knights from Forge World Incaladion (which it turns out is a 15 minute drive west of Bristol). Here’s what I ended up with:

These knights fight a different kind of gargant

I had to stay up all night on the Friday to get them done, but I had four lancers for the campaign weekend, and they performed admirably, with a glorious charge into a Legio Fureans Warlord that, upon exploding, killed everything! Glory to House Terryn!

I will get back on with the gargants* I promised you, and I have a cunning plan to make sure I get back on track with my 2000 points.

*No, not Ork gargants, the Sons Of Behemat kind. I promise. Mostly…

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