Maximum Mancrushing

Paul brings his Mancrusher unit up to three gargants

I’ve been really pleased with my Mancrusher conversions thus far, and had a lot of fun converting and painting them. It’s a shame they come in boxes of two, as I’ve previously mentioned, because the maximum unit size is three, and you get two huge benefits to taking them in trios:

  • A 60 point discount!
  • The unit counts as three battleline units!

With that points discount, the unit comes in around the same points as a Mega-gargant, making them a nice swap-in-or-out choice. 

And bumping up the number of battleline units in the army also means I can potentially spend more points on Mega-gargants down the line, should I choose! I guess that means lumping out for another box of two Mancrushers. I’m sure I’ll find a use for the fourth one.

By this point I was reasonably comfortable with the kit, so I had a good idea of what I wanted to achieve – a spear-wielding gargant, pointing at his foe and shouting while striding forwards. And since the default leg and feet pose is striding, and I hadn’t yet used it out of the box, I went with that.

But as I dislike the fact that this ends up with the model staring at the ground, I needed a way to straighten his back. I settled on enlarging the belly, as this would also help the model feel different to the others.

First I glued the torso on at the angle I wanted, leaving a huge gap at the front. Anyone who has tried to cover big empty gaps with modelling putty knows how challenging it can be, so in order to make my life easier later (and to reduce the amount of putty needed) I added sprue cuttings to the gap.

Next I turned my attention to the spear. How do you make a spear fit for a gargant? I turned again to my bitz box, and discovered some cool blades on the Necropolis Stalker sprues. A little clipping, glueing and more putty plans, and I ended up with a decent sized spear head.

I used a similar technique to make the spear haft as I did on the Mancrusher with the big glaive, so I won’t recount it again here. The other arm, that I wanted to be pointing, needed a little re-positioning work and pining to get it in the right position. I was able to use a clenched-fist hand, and take a finger from one of the open hands, and a little greenstuff to bring it all together. Here he is before the spear-head went on:

As with my other gargants, I tried to keep the nautical theme alive with some bits I hadn’t used on my Kraken-eater on the base, like an oar and half-buried ship’s wheel. I also used some old bits from an old Ogre Scrap Launcher kit, as one of the wooden spinning handles looked like it could have come from a ship.

Again, you can see my previous posts to find out about my painting technique for these gargants, this one didn’t differ from the others really – I used the same skin tone as on the Karaken-eater on him.

And here is the whole unit of Mancrushers together at last!

By Paul

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