Wild, elaborate horses

Jim’s Lumineth reach the 1,000pt milestone

1,000 points always feels like a big moment for a new army. It’s no longer a mere dabble, a coy flirtation with a new faction – you are now in substantial gaming territory and have likely spent tens of hours hunched over these models at your painting table. Bringing my Lumineth army to the one-tonne milestone in April felt like the crossing of a major threshold. To be honest, this wasn’t for the reasons mentioned above – it was because I knew I would never have to paint freaking Vanari Dawnriders again!

Yep, first unit for me in April was the only cavalry available to the Lumineth before Broken Realms: Teclis introduced the bizarre kangalope breezeleapers or whatever trademarkable thing they’re called. In a truly odd moment within the Age of Sigmar hobby – I found myself painting…just…horses?

OK, “just horses” is probably an understatement with these models. They are truly stunning. I was so excited to get stuck into these as they incorporate all the tricks I have learned on previous models, but bring them together in larger, more impressive miniatures. Little did I know I was setting off on what would be the hardest, longest slog of my hobby journey so far…

Cavalry are somewhat infamous in the wargaming hobby for being difficult to paint. Often the combination of beast and rider makes certain details difficult to reach and horseflesh can be tricky to get right. It’s not so furry that you can simply drubrush it and it covers up a much larger area than a human (or elven) face, meaning highlights have to be quite precise. I have to put my hands up again and admit that Contrast Paint came to my rescue here. Thinned skeleton horde with some Wraithbone highlights created a rather handsome roan colouring that goes well with the bluey-silver armour detailed in my earlier post. All the other individual techniques were pulled from my infantry painting efforts, but with the additional annoyance of leather straps and bridling bits and pieces strewn about the place. The challenge of pulling it all together on these very elaborate elven knights was truly exhausting, even with as much sub assembly as the sprues realistically allowed. I think in total it took me 2.5 weeks of dedicating all my hobby time to these five miniatures.

Why forsooth, “Neigh!”

The rest of my 250pts for the month was taken up by another 10 Wardens, which I won’t go over in detail as it was the first kit I painted for this army. The only mini of note in this unit was the High Warden, who I equipped with the little scroll thing instead of the Champion’s Blade and (against my better judgement) an unhelmed head – just to differentiate her from the other unit’s High Warden. The kit offers very limited flexibility, so you take what you can get.

You try reading one of these through a helmet!

By far the most exciting thing to grace my Lumineth in April was the call of battle! Finally, blades were crossed with Ross’ beastly herd and Paul’s gargantuan lads. Our afternoon of socially-distanced, outdoor warfare was highly enjoyable and gave me a good feel for how my complete army would eventually play.

Go for the knees!

As I am building my army to eventually support Teclis, I opted for the Great Nation of Zaitrec to turbo-boost my magic capabilities. The +1 each turn to first casting and dispelling rolls for every wizard in my army is a nicely dependable bonus. The Zaitrec specific spell ‘Overwhelming Heat’ also proved useful, particularly for slowing down Paul’s gargants. The result of the day’s gaming was victory in a 750pt scrap against the gargants and loss to the Beasts of Chaos in a 1,000pt skirmish. For me, the major learnings were:

  • Alarith Stoneguard are sturdy AF and great objective holders
  • Speed of Hysh is essential and can help create great roadblocks with Wardens
  • Always take the time to do a bit of mathhammer and work out what your Sentinels are likely to take down, then focus on that target
  • Dawnriders are fast, yes, but shouldn’t be rushed out on their own. Set up ideal charges first
  • Despite all the above, objectives win games – never forget that
Utter carnage

So there we have it. A solid month of hobby! May has been equally busy as I bolster the core troops once more to herald the coming of the Archmage himself…

By Jim

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