Two gargants!?

Paul’s brings his Sons of Behemat up to 750 points

With my first Mancrusher built, I just needed to get some paint on it to make my 750 point goal. As with the Kraken-eater, I decided to start with the flesh. 

I wanted to go for a more pale or pasty tone this time, bringing some variety into the army. I also figured that thinning my contrast paint (one part Darkoath Flesh to three part Contrast Medium) would help avoid as much blotchiness on the big flat areas. 

Sadly it was still pretty blotchy, and so I had to do a lot of remedial dry brushing again to help even out the flesh.

Part painted mancrusher gargant for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

It also came out a bit more pale than I had expected. Putting this Mancrusher next to my Kraken-eater really highlights this more than when looking at it on its own.

Gargant and Mega Gargant skin comparison

I’m still not sure how happy I am with the flesh technique I’m using, or with quite how much more pale this Gargant is than his bigger cousin. I’ll need to make sure I have some in-between tones elsewhere in the army I think.

With his pale flesh, I decided he also needed some sunken eyes (which ended up being quite a piercing blue too!) and a brighter beard. The facial hair started off ginger, but it didn’t work with the dulled leather on the rest of the model, so I settled for a brown beard. 

Painting the beard on a mancrusher gargant

With the rest of the model, I applied the same techniques and colours I had to my Kraken-eater, to keep the theme going. I was concerned that my two-tone beach basing might not work on the smaller base size, but it does!

Though I might go back and have another crack at his blade, I’m pretty happy with how the rest of the painting turned out.

A Sons of Behemat Mancrusher Gargant

So there you have it. A Kraken-eater from February and a Mancrusher for March. Together with a command point, that’s my 750 points of Gargant, ready to crush bones, Aelves and beasts. Let’s see if they get to finally do some smashing this month…

Two fully painted Games Workshop Gargants

By Paul

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