Elves with hammers?!

Jim builds his Lumineth army to 750 points

One character and a blob of elite troops. That’s what made my March 250pts and the specifics therein were chosen to compliment what I already had.

Firstly, a reminder of our Tale of Gamers rules as specified in this very early post: We will allow ourselves to swap units in and out each month, so long as the result at the end of each month is a fully painted army within the agreed points limit. In light of this, I had to remove some of the units from my initial 500. Namely, the endless spells (let’s face it they’re filler more often than not). This freed up 100 points, allowing me to add the following;

  • Scinari Cathallar – 140pts
  • 10 Alarith Stoneguard – 200pts

11 very nice models in total. Let me ask you this, though – are they £91.50 worth of nice?? I have to say this is the first time I have balked at the price for a batch of models in a long time, being a veteran of Games Workshop games. Thankfully, Dark Sphere is always there for me when the RRP is simply too much and I got the lot for £68.64.

The Scinari Cathallar will provide me with a bit of extra spellcasting (can’t get enough with the Lumineth) as well as excellent support for the wardens and sentinels I already have. You see, all Lumineth carry around a little vial full of aetherquartz. Once per battle a unit can chuff down their reserve of this magical substance in order to gain a boost for a phase, such as +1 to save rolls or hit rolls. The comedown from this substance means that unit then suffers -1 Bravery for the rest of the battle. However, if the Cathallar is within 18″ of said unit, she can absorb their bad mojo and instead transfer it to an enemy unit within 18″, giving that enemy unit the penalty to Bravery instead.

Not to mention, her model is stunning. As anyone would be, I was slightly intimidated by the prospect of painting her veiled face but the Lumineth Battletome has an excellent step by step guide that made it quite simple. Boiling it down;

  • Paint the face with the desired fleshtone and highlights
  • Paint the basecoat of the veil but leave the face as-is for now
  • Paint the first highlight layer on the veil, including the raised areas of veil across her face
  • Add further highlights to the veil and face/veil crossover areas
A well-painted Lumineth Realm Lords Scinari Cathallar
Is this sufficient face covering to be allowed to walk around Asda?

The Stoneguard are also gorgeous models. Just the kind of shiny, decoratively armoured troops I love. They also take the name of the game very seriously, packing huge (but characteristically slender) warhammers. After some deliberating and input from my fellow Epic Level Hobbyists, I opted for the Diamondpick Hammer build as access to mortal wounds seemed more reliable than extra damage and, frankly, they looked cooler.

While highly detailed, these models were a joy to paint. They pulled from every skill I had developed working on the army so far and the addition of their large cloaks allowed me to practice what I consider one of my weaknesses – painting fabric. I never feel completely happy with my highlighting on fabric and that’s still the case here, but it’s improving with each try.

Fully painted Lumineth Alarith Stonemage unit
The first 5 cow elves – another 5 to go

On the battlefield, these Stoneguard will be well-supported by the Stonemage I painted in January. At the sacrifice of their pile-in move, the Stoneguard can gain some extra rend on their melee weapons thanks to their proximity to the Stonemage. At 2 wounds apiece with a 4+ save, they should make a pretty solid objective holder who can hit back when necessary.

So that’s my March addition. It’s very satisfying looking at the full 750pt force now and seeing what looks like a cohesive, playable army.

750 point fully-painted Lumineth Realm Lords army

As for what’s next, those who read my rant about the recent new Lumineth releases may be expecting a minimal addition – but that is no longer the case. After deciding that my army will be mostly (or perhaps all) original release models, I’m adding a far more substantial tranche of reinforcements in April. If you listen to the wind, you may just make out the clip-clopping of hooves…

By Jim

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