Growing the stomp

Paul’s squeezes every last point out of his Sons of Behemat

While waiting to get my first 500 point game in, I started thinking about the next few models for my stomp. We are planning to add 250 points to our armies every month.

Side note: At the time of writing this, people in the U.K. can only see each other outdoors, in groups of two, and must stay local. This is due to Nurgle’s pox, and Britain isn’t exactly known for it’s sunny spring… So I’m as yet unsure when the first game will be!

Maybe unsurprisingly, 250 points doesn’t leave you with many options in an army where the cheapest unit is 180 points! So I was going to need to build a Mancrusher gargant, and be left with 80 excess points that are difficult to spend (the Kraken-eater isn’t quite 500).

The obvious option is to buy a command point. At 50 points, having an extra one laying around is never a bad thing, for when you need to re-roll a charge, or bump that run move to a 6. As an extra bonus, it means not adding to the amount I’ll need to build and paint. But I quite like building and painting. Is there any other option for these points?

Well there is one other way to spend them, and it involves some lovely mega-gargant jewelry…

Painted Gargant miniature for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar
Full of aetherquartz from the realm of Hysh – Jim’s Realmlords might have a good reason to come and take on these gargants!

One of the artefacts available to the Kraken-eater is a Glowy Lantern, which also makes for a lovely earring. On top of looking the height of gargant fashion, it also makes the bearer into a wizard… This means the Kraken-eater can put up a little defence against magic (especially useful if someone is going to be de-buffing my gargants), and even cast a little of his own. A gargant throwing around Arcane Bolts, or protecting themselves with Mystic Shield, is nothing to be laughed at.

And here’s where those left-over points come in. As a wizard, he also has access to Endless Spells. A whole variety of relatively low points cost, and exceptionally cool looking, models are suddenly a possibility! But which to go for?

The obvious one would be the Aethervoid Pendulum, on the basis that my Kraken-eater is already holding one! And it’s a great choice for some extra damage dealing, causing D6 mortal wounds to anything it gets near or passes through. As it only moves in one direction, I’m less likely to have my opponent manage to throw it back in my face too, a constant worry with some endless spells.

Another (more points efficient) choice might be the  Chronomatic Cogs. Not only is it a fantastic looking model, but it’s ability to let me speed up all the units on the table means all of my gargants benefit, getting to grips with the enemy and stomping on them sooner, or grabbing the objectives more easily. Sure, the enemy models also get a bit faster too, and in smaller games where I’m limited in units and will certainly be outnumbered, maybe that isn’t the best choice?

Chronomatic Cogs endless spell model for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar
A load of magic metal cogs is also really in keeping with my chosen realm of metal

I’ll probably end up building both of the above at some point to give me options. But for now, I’d better get on with the one thing I definitely need for my next 250 points – that Mancrusher!

By Paul

All images used without permission from Games Workshop Limited

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