Choice Paralysis: Are the upcoming Lumineth too much of a good thing?

Jim shares some thoughts on the recent Realm-Lords previews

As a new Lumineth player, I should be delighted, right? Games Workshop have posted plenty of updates on the Warhammer Community site recently regarding a wave of new Lumineth models that rivals the original release in terms of number of units. With so many new models and army options incoming, why aren’t I jumping for joy?

Before I get to the models themselves, I’m going to touch on my objectives for Epic Level Hobby. I think of all the hobbyists in our Tale of Four Gamers, I’m the worst player by a good 48” (remember this is roughly a country-mile in Warhammer speak). I always thoroughly enjoy playing the game, but I just don’t have a focus on winning, or indeed even that need to win that so many gamers have. The armies I have played the most competitive events with are a completely pants World Eaters force in 40k and some thematic but unoptimised Stormcast Eternals in AoS. If I feel my army behaved appropriately to their “theme”, I have a good time. I guess I see wargaming similarly to roleplaying and I’m there for the company, the enjoyment of seeing lovely models on impressive tables and the beers and cheers afterwards. I tend to do well on ‘soft-points’ in tournaments because my armies look good and I’m a friendly opponent – so I’m the embodiment of the ‘It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part’ philosophy. As comfortable as I am with all that, I want to change it up with our Tale of Four Gamers…

My largely ineffective World Eaters force. They make for fun villains to play, though.

I chose Lumineth Realm-Lords primarily because I love the look of them but also because they had started to show real promise in the meta. I want to create an army through which I can teach myself how to win games and it seemed Lumineth would give me the tools I need along with being a gorgeous looking force and a good painting challenge. I have since built two theoretical lists for our 2,000pt endgame based on the soon-to-be-defunct Lumineth Battletome. Nice, so when we start playing again I can experiment with the units in my small armies to determine which of the larger armies I will eventually build towards. Makes sense.

Enter twelve(!!) new units and a new scenery kit, along with an updated Battletome to accommodate it all. Let’s not forget that the current Battletome: Lumineth Realm-Lords was published only last year! Of course, some of my fellow hobbyists tell me it’s great news for me as I have lots of pretty new toys (more on them in a moment) and, judging by the rules previews we’ve seen, some stupidly powerful units on the way. I’m privileged in a way that players of any other AoS faction simply aren’t. Well, quite – but the problem is I’m part of a blog project where I have to build an army in agreed increments every month and now I have no idea what a competitive Lumineth army will look like several months from now. Of course I can just continue with my current planned lists – but then there is a very real risk of spending hundreds of pounds (let’s not kid ourselves, this hobby is expensive) to find I’ve backed the wrong horse and I have yet another mediocre army. Trying to plan ahead based on the previews we’ve had so far is nigh impossible – so you’ll see in the weeks ahead that my plan for April is the minimal amount of models I can get away with for a 250pt increment and I will use that month to digest the new battletome and see if I need to change course. Meanwhile, if a whole new lockdown occurs and bog roll supplies get low again – I’ll have an entire battletome from just last year with no other use.

Now let’s talk about the models themselves. All props to the designers for showing some excellent 3D modelling skillz…but, let’s have a look at what I said in an earlier post about why I chose this army:

The Lumineth models looked like basic (a)elves who had donned some armour, picked up weapons and marched to war. Yes you had some crazy big beasties in the range, but you need those as highlights to an army. The fact that most of the basic troops wouldn’t look out of place in the Old World meant a great deal to me, as it cuts through the alienating toy commercial feel that the AoS universe still struggles with.”

Now let’s have a look at some of the upcoming models…

I’m a big Monkey and Dragon Ball fan and still find the guy on the cloud a bit silly…

What the hell happened? Why is all this stuff so…wacky? To put it another way, why did it all suddenly get so Age of Sigmar?

Look, all the new stuff looks like high-quality models, I accept that. The new terrain piece; The Shrine Luminor particularly looks stunning. Most of the units though, with the exception of a couple of the characters and the awesome Bladelords, are just not my cuppa. Some of you will be saying “well don’t buy them then, dur hur hur!” but the point of this project for me is to put aside my usual tendency to build themed, fluffy armies and make one that will win. What will win after these are released? Who knows, but whatever way it goes it won’t be my wallet, that’s for sure.

By Jim

All images used without permission from Games Workshop Limited.

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