One-man army

Paul works out how to win games with a single Mega-gargant

500pt battles are pretty small in Age of Sigmar. Most armies will have 10-30 models. My Sons of Behemat will have just one! That obviously causes issues when trying to claim objectives.

Not all is lost though. Mega-gargants are impressively big, and actually count as 20 models, with their Mightier Makes Rightier rule. And when your army general is a Kraken-eater, they count as 30 models (with a rule called Get Rid Of ‘Em!).

Get rid of 'em rules from Battletom Sons of Behemat

Great, so actually taking an objective, even with an enemy unit or two nearby, I should be able to do. But generally there are several objectives in a game, so even if I can take one, my opponent can spread out and grab the others! And if my Kraken-eater leaves his freshly claimed objective, some sneaky Lumineth, ungors or reconstituted skeletons can run in after to take it back. What is a gargant to do?

Well, kick things, actually. Kraken-eaters have another rule, called Get Orf Me Land!. It allows them to literally kick an objective within 1”, during the hero phase, and move it up to 2D6” in any direction, with a few restrictions. This means that my Kraken-eater can either boot an objective he controls off to one side, making it harder to go and take for my opponent, or instead punt it in the direction he plans to stomp off in, forcing the enemy to come to me if they want it. Not the fastest way to get Victory Points, but I love the idea of him running around and collecting all the objectives together by the end of the battle!

Get orf me land rules from Battletome Sons of Behemat
It turns out Kraken-eaters are all from the West Country…

So, I’ve got the model count, and I can get multiple objectives, despite being a one-man army. But can I survive long enough to make those rules work for me?

Clocking in at 35 wounds, and with an 11” move, the Kraken-eater is pretty fast and quite durable. He has a 4+ save too, so he can take a bit of a beating before collapsing (hopefully on top of the enemy). Since he’s my general, he gets a Command Trait too. I decided to pick his trait based on the personality of the model. With his huge axe he is Extremely Intimidating, making all enemies within 3” of him hit at -1. That should also help to keep him alive a little longer!

Finally, he can also take an Artefact of Power. As I mentioned in a previous post I have given the model a pair of Krakenskin Sandals rather than going barefoot. This artefact (or pair of artefacts?) make his Almighty Stomp attack much more consistent. The Kraken-eater probably puts out a little less damage than the other two mega-gargant flavours, so this is probably a good balancing aspect to have on him – it’ll help with crushing those pesky smaller races, so I can grab all those objectives for my collection!

Krakenskin Sandals rules from Battletome Sons of Behemat

(There are four other artefacts all modelled on, so I might change up the artefact he gets in the future – I have some cunning plans so I don’t waste points in 750 and 1000pt games! But I’ll keep that scheming to myself for now…)

That’s the plan. Let’s see how well it does when it makes contact with the other generals.

By Paul

All images used without permission from Games Workshop Limited

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