Hot bullocks – the first 500 points

Ross showcases his first month’s worth of Beasts of Chaos

First month! It’s exciting to be moving from the conceptual and testing stage into roll out. Only 500 points but where to start? As per Games Workshop hobbyist advice since time immemorial – I decided to start with one HQ and two Troops. Wait, wrong game. One Leader, and two Battleline units.

I’ll talk about the general structure and plan for the army elsewhere, but the main thing is that I’m focusing on brayherd units and will be running them as Gavespawn.

The start collecting Beasts of Chaos was a logical first start, and a bargain at that. It gives you a Shaman, 10 Bestigors and 10 Ungors. It also comes with a behemoth! It’s a great value box. I decide to assemble the Ungors as Raiders (with bows), which aren’t battleline but have a ranged attack, a neat scout move, and I planned to include a lot of them so wanted to get started.

If you ignore the behemoth (which I have for now), the start collecting box only comes to a rather paltry 300 points (did I mention how bad the individual beastman is yet?) and I needed one more battleline. Bestigors are one of the few warscrolls in the army that could be described as ‘quite good’ and are battleline. I thought another 10 of those would be a good fit – fulfilling the 1 x leader, 2 x battleline, 1 x other format. This left me with 80 points, which could mean more Ungor Raiders but I was running slightly tighter to timescales than anticipated, so I opted for a single model – the Wildfire Taurus.

The Wildfire Taurus is a predatory endless spell that dishes out mortal wounds but, more importantly, units that it passes over fight last in the combat phase. Given that durability is a purely conceptual notion for beastmen, that seemed like a good investment. Getting the spell off when Jim gets round to Teclis is going to be a problem – but there’s only one Teclis – so worth it for now. Also, it looks bloody cool.

Changing bases

The only real painting challenge I had during the process was the Taurus, which took more time that I thought it would – although I’m pleased with the outcome. But I did run into a small hitch. An off-hand comment from someone made me question my decision to paint the rim of the bases brown (which you might have seen in my paint test post). I’ve always defaulted to black but wanted to try something different this time. A quick test confirmed that I should in fact have stuck with black. Oh well, experiments don’t always pay off! Better to get that done now than in 100 models time and thank goodness for boring conference calls.

I think the reason the black is better is that it gives a better break / contrast to the rest of the model and the surface it’s on. With brown everything just kind of blends down. Example below!

two painted beastmen, one with brown trim on the base and another with black trim
The colour vs black trim debate may continue, but we feel Ross made the right choice for this army

The first 500 points

So that’s it, the first part of the challenge done. 500 down, 1500 (gulp) to go!

  • Jhor’eff Screamcloak – Bray Shaman
  • 10 Bestigors
  • 10 Bestigors
  • 10 Ungor Raiders
  • Wildfire Taurus

= 500 points

Fully painted 500pt beasts of chaos army
I don’t think they’ve come for a civilised discussion…
Painted Wildfire Taurus endless spell
Welcome to the Flaming Horn Steakhouse

What’s next?

I’m reasonably settled on the next 250; 20 more Ungor Raiders and a Beastlord – which is exactly bang on points wise. I’ve also been absolutely dying to get started on the Lord. I also need to get the herdstone raised, which is a vital part of the army but had been intimidating me as it’s a fiddly centrepiece model – and I’d utterly balls’d up my Nurgle terrain.

Unpainted Citadel Beastlord

By Ross

Find more of my stuff at @vexed_to on Instagram.

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