Fee, Fi, Fo, Force Planning

Paul prepares to build a Sons of Behemat army

Having bought a mega-gargant and a pair of mancrusher gargants, I now need to work out what to do with them! And what else my ‘stomp’ of gargants would need. (The smaller races call them a ‘cataclysm’, but gargants find it hard to say, and don’t like being called feline…)

In order to find out more about gargants, I picked up the Sons of Behemat battletome.

The Sons of Behemat Battletome held in front of a cabinet full of painted miniatures
No Paul, not that kind of gargant…

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a very cool book. 

  • The imagery and background are great. Very cool map of Ghur in there.
  • Explanations of how gargants believe the other races came to be are hilarious!
  • Some of the painting guides are pretty good.


  • I was less impressed by the modelling examples. I think there was more that could have been shown off. 
  • There are not many pages of rules. If that’s what you buy battletomes for, this isn’t exactly value for money. 

I mentioned the map of Ghur, the realm of Beasts. This is where gargants are most prevalent, and it’s covered well in the battletome. But like all the races in the Age of Sigmar, you can find Gargants in any of the realms, and maybe a few places in-between. When starting a new army, I like to know what realm they come from. I find it helps me decide what their character is, who might be in the force, what they might carry and what they look like.

To help me work this out, I took a closer look at the mega gargants. These literal behemoths have three distinct tribes: Takers, Stompers and Breakers. Stompers like stomping into battle. Breakers like destroying and pillaging towns and cities. All pretty straight forward. 

Takers have, I feel, a little more to them. They like to hoard things. This in turn means they need somewhere to keep those things as well as to protect them from others. 

The archetype for a Taker clan mega-gargant is the Kraken-eater, a monster who prowls long coastal areas, collecting things that interest them, wading into the sea to fight with giant sharks or to sink boats…

And this got me thinking, which plane will have the most cool stuff to take? Which beaches will have the richest pickings? Which realm has the best names for guitar bands that wear a lot of black clothing?


Artwork of the Realm of Metal
I’ve always wanted to make a realm of metal game board, with giant floating islands, chained to the ground…

So what would gargants from the realm of metal look like? 

  • Armoured gargants?
  • Mechanical gargants? 
  • Smith-gargants who make armour and weapons?
  • Mining gargants, pulling great chunks of precious minerals to sell to the duardin for ale?

I really like the mega-gargant model in all its fleshy, cloth-covered glory. And the faces are wonderful, so as much as I like the idea of an iron-golems style helmeted gargant, I’m keener to keep the faces and heads on display. 

I might go for a diving-helmeted mancrusher Gargant at some point, so will pocket that idea for later.

An Iron Golem miniature from Games Workshop
The Iron Golems are a warband in the Warcry skirmish game. Credit games-workshop.com

What doesn’t fit so well are the big wooden clubs the default mega-gargant models carry about. Fortunately, there are some appropriately gargantuan magical-looking metal weapon models around. The one that caught my eye was from the endless spell Aethervoid Pendulum. And it was easier than I thought to pick up a few of these on eBay:

Three Aethervoid Pendulums, unpainted
Huuuuuge magic axe things. Pot of paint for scale.

So mega-garagants armed with big magical weapons, in place of their wooden clubs. That’s also a neat way to tie the various models I build together – the mega-gargants could look quite different, but if they are all holding similar looking giant axes that they ‘found’… this feels dangerously close to a plan. The mancrushers will get a similar treatment, but with something more to their scale (I’ll go bitz-box diving later – I have an idea to use some leftover Morghast bits).

Our first milestone is 500 points, and that doesn’t leave you with many options with the Sons of Behemat. In fact, you have to just take a mega-gargant, clocking in at just under the limit. And as I step up in 250 point strides, I’ll need to add in a couple of mancrushers until I’m near 1500 points!

I guess I’d better get started on that first Kraken-eater then…

By Paul

All images used without permission from Games Workshop Limited.

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