Epic level destruction: Why I chose the Sons of Behemat

Paul goes big with the gargants in the Age of Sigmar

When the idea of doing an Age of Sigmar ‘Tale of 4 Gamers’ was mooted in our nerd chat group, I was quick to raise my hand. The only way I normally get an army finished is by having a deadline. An event to attend, a painting competition, a campaign at my local gaming club.

2020 was understandably short on these kinds of events. That’s not to say I did nothing with the year, but from February until June, my hobby mojo wasn’t there. I have piles of projects, new and old, and plenty of variety to choose from.

Eventually I did pick up a brush to do some scenery, something that I wouldn’t normally make time for. Lots of room for freehand and weathering. I’m not an air-brush user, and I don’t really do stencils, which means I’m a bit slow!

A painted 28mm scale sci-fi scenery piece
Do not operate whilst intoxicated

I did also end up painting a few new Necron releases, and I had intended to paint them as they came out. Of course, that didn’t happen. Instead I did over-the-top conversions and focussed paint jobs on cool characters – because why not when you are just painting stuff for yourself? That’s what I get a kick out of I guess.

An elaborate and well-painted necron skorpekh lord conversion
Bet you ain’t seen many Skorpekh Lords that look like this…

I saw an opportunity with this slow-grow campaign – a chance to pick up some new techniques and speed up my painting, but without compromising on quality. Also, 2020 taught me that I need deadlines. They keep me from obsessing over a single model. They provide direction and focus. They prevent my hobby mojo from drying up like a wet pallet left out in the sun.

I was last to pick an army for this, and by the time I started to decide, the others had each happened to pick Chaos, Order and Death armies. So I would have felt churlish not diving into Destruction.

I generally like playing the bad guys. I can’t do that in real life (nor do I want to!), but playing it out on the tabletop is fun. Destruction isn’t necessarily evil or bad (though it certainly can be those), it actually has a huge range within it; malicious, uncaring, comedic, mercenary – you can take it in so many directions. Finding one that hooked me more than the others was tough, so I started ruling things out instead.

I have a sizeable Bad Moon Space Ork army, and have painted enough green flesh to last me a life time, so Orruks and their Gloomspite cousins were out of the running.

When I think of Gloomspite Gitz, I often find I’m drawn to their bigger allies, the troggoths. So much so that I already have an army of them! Though these are from The World That Was, and are on square bases. It was an army originally built for a doubles event at Warhammer World, many years ago, and has an Araby theme. Most of the trolls and their attendant humans (it was technically a Chaos army ) having turbans to keep their heads cool in the desert heat.

  • Converted Warhammer desert trolls with turbans
  • A converted troll genie for Warhammer Fantasy Battles
  • A converted desert troll sultan for Warhammer Fantasy

So, destruction, big monsters, I was feeling good about choosing troggoths. I was this close to buying a Gloomspite Gitz battleforce – the ones released at the end of 2020. It has 6 troggoths, a big troggoth, and a bunch of gitz on squigs. This could be a cool refresh of my existing force, maybe even get me to rebase some of my existing army for AoS (though the Squig riders I’d have re-sold).

And I do think the troggoth background is great. They are treated less as an army and more like a natural disaster. When a trogherd passes through town it’s more like a blizzard blowing through than a battle.

Then I listened to the Warhammer Community podcast, an episode where Phil Kelly talked all about the Sons Of Behemat and their lore.

The only thing bigger than a troggoth is a gargant. And the only thing bigger than a gargant is a mega-gargant… So at the last moment, I changed my purchase choices, and these turned up on my doorstep…

By Paul

All images used without permission from Games Workshop Limited.

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