Blinded by the Light: Why I chose Lumineth Realm-Lords

Jim joins those shiny aelves on their campaign to bring enlightenment to the Age of Sigmar

To be honest, I’m struggling to come up with some kind of deep personal reason for choosing Lumineth Realm-Lords as my army for Epic Level Hobby’s Tale of Four Gamers. The real truth is, I just like the models.

It’s no surprise, really. While my biggest army, as mentioned in our intro post, is a blood-soaked World Eaters murder-horde for 40k, I generally like to play the good guys (in as much as any faction can be considered “good” in Games Workshop universes…) The two armies I currently tend to play with are a Sacrosanct Chamber from the Lions of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals and a stalwart force of Ultramarines. Heavily armoured boy scouts seem to be my go-to. The pride of my hobby collection, however, is a large Dwarf force from the World That Was, which has since been multi-based and converted for the excellent Kings of War ruleset from Mantic Games.

Examples of Citadel miniatures from several Games Workshop armies
Several examples from Jim’s ‘good guy’ armies

Clearly I’m the kind of hobbyist who leans toward ‘order’, and I didn’t feel the need to change that for our Tale of Gamers. I can’t say I fancy painting another 2,000 points of Stormcast in the near future, though, so I needed to pick another faction from this well-stocked grand alliance…

My tastes in any fantasy universe seem to be primarily dwarven, whether it’s D&D characters, mmorpg toons or indeed wargaming armies – I enjoy the gruff and grumpy nature of these proud, hairy, drunken artisans. Aesthetically I love the look of good quality steel and gold embellishments. On the tabletop, I like troops that are sturdy enough to hold a line while the guns and artillery behind them pummel the approaching foe. Dwarves just work for me, so surely it must feel like sacrilege to side with the elves?

Well, we all know that Age of Sigmar has torn up the fantasy rulebook. The first original dwarven faction was the Fyreslayers. Apologies to fans, but I hate them. The slayers in the Old World were fun and useful – but probably my least favoured element of the dwarfs from those days. I like the armour, the guns, the artistry and that feeling that while the dwarfs are a fantasy race, they’re not too far removed from actual historical peoples. The Fyreslayers also felt like another army of overly-muscled barbarians at a time when Khorne were the poster-baddies and it seemed that all Age of Sigmar armies were WWE wrestlers in various states of armouredness. If it’s not already clear, I passed.

Then Kharadron Overlords came along…interesting…

I like the SkyDwarfs, I really do. They’re unique, the models are gorgeous and they seem pretty fun to play on the tabletop. Having spent last year painting a lot of Ultramarines, however, they felt a little too samey. Stocky, armoured gunslingers in large metal boxes.

When the first Lumineth models were shown, I breathed a profound sigh of relief. Why? Because they didn’t look like action figures. Age of Sigmar certainly carries a “go big or go home” mentality and looking at factions such as Sylvaneth and Ironjaws, it can sometimes feel like a basic humanoid with a bow or sword just isn’t enough anymore when it can instead be a treeman or the hulk. Where are the normal people? Is this universe actually lived in or is it a constant slideshow of metal album covers? The Lumineth models looked like basic (a)elves who had donned some armour, picked up weapons and marched to war. Yes you had some crazy big beasties in the range, but you need those as highlights to an army. The fact that most of the basic troops wouldn’t look out of place in the Old World meant a great deal to me, as it cuts through the alienating toy commercial feel that the AoS universe still struggles with.

Also, my objective with this blog is to “git gud” and actually win some games, and I think the Lumies can help me there too. Looking at their rules, they’re not actually too far from the Old World dwarfs in a lot of ways. Incredibly sturdy but fairly slow troops backed up with excellent ranged support. Unlike the WFB dwarfs, of course, their magic must be up there with the most powerful spellbooks in the game, providing a great deal of adaptability. I don’t think I will ever be an aggressive player. Even with my World Eaters I struggled to play like that, so I think the Lumineth Realm-Lords are an army that I can play comfortably, while having the tools to actually put up a fight.

Also, there’s this guy. One of the most glorious examples of Citadel plastic wizardry that I have ever seen…

By Jim

All images used without permission from Games Workshop Limited.

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