Call of the Wild: Why I chose Beasts of Chaos

Ross joins the rampaging herd of the savage beastmen in Age of Sigmar

Since the summer I’ve been looking for a new hobby project. When Jim floated the idea of an Age of Sigmar ‘Tale of Four Generals’ endeavour to help keep us all sane, I was immediately in. With four main allegiances in AoS to choose from, and listening to what the others were interested in, I opted for Chaos.

I used to find myself playing the good guys in any game from 40k to RPGs, but perhaps the cynicism of age has left me drifting towards the bad guy more often. The prime evil nature of Chaos has always held some appeal, and I’d rushed through a Rotbringer/Blightking army as my first AoS army and as a method to test contrast paints. 

With everyone else locking in non-Chaos factions, I pledged my allegiance the darkness.

I’d already done a Nurgle army, so they were realistically off the option list. I don’t particularly like the Slaanesh or Tzeentch model ranges. Obviously, there are some stunning miniatures in them, just not ones I fancied painted. I also have a low-key distrust of magic-heavy armies…

Age of Sigmar Nurgle Blightkings painted with citadel contrast paint
My contrast painted Nurgle Blightkings. A delightful foray into the grimy and gross.

Khorne and Slaves of Darkness were both promising. The Red ones seemed overly reliant on marauders to carry them, which are not the best models, and it seemed a shame that the workhorse unit in the army wasn’t a dedicated kit. Slaves of Darkness has an amazing new ‘Start Collecting’ box and the image of heavily armoured warriors marching to the beat of the Chaos drum was a good one. Then I dug into the rules, and for some reason the Damned Legion have three focuses – heroes/marauders, magic, and monsters. None of these really worked to support an unstoppable wave of chaos warriors and knights. All of which left me a bit stumped.

Ah, but there are two more Chaos armies aren’t there? The horned ones, as it were.  

No disrespect to Skaven, but the Beasts of Chaos immediately leapt out at me. Reading a bit into the fluff for them, they became more appealing. As a primordial manifestation of Chaos, older than the four Chaos Gods and opposed to all order, they had a certain bestial charm to them. There was a little snippet from the Battle Tome that hooked me, it was that one of the great frays didn’t even respect temples and idols of the chaos gods. The notion that all worship, all religion, should be torn down and torn asunder was intriguing. I started digging through the model range to check I actually wanted to do a whole army.

Then I saw this guy, and I knew…

Beasts of Chaos Beastlord from Citadel Miniatures

By Ross

All images used without permission from Games Workshop Limited.

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