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Lumineth Realmlords battle Khorne Bloodletters in Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Here is what you can expect from this tale of locked-down, Warhammer gamers

The year is 2021. The Covid pandemic continues to see Britons confined to their homes. Games Workshop stock is worth obscene bank. Four gamers each embark on a journey to raise an army that can conquer the mortal realms.

Thanks for joining us. Within this blog, we hope to document every step along the way. We’ll detail every aspect of the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar army-building process. We will cover list-building, painting, conversions and, when Covid restrictions allow, gaming!

The way this will work is simple. Following the below schedule, we will build armies following Games Workshop’s well-loved Tale of Four Gamers format, starting with 500pts by the end of February.

  • February – 500pts
  • March – 750pts
  • April – 1,000pts
  • May – 1,250pts
  • June – 1,500pts
  • July – 1,750pts
  • August – 2,000pts

We hope to be able to play plenty of games along the way – ideally building up to an organised event once our full 2,000pt armies are complete.

There is a significant deviation we will be taking from the standard Tale of Gamers format; We will not impose strict escalation rules, where each month our armies must include everything from the previous month plus 250pts worth of new stuff. We will allow ourselves to swap units in and out each month, so long as the result at the end of each month is a fully painted army within the agreed points limit. The primary reason for this is that Age of Sigmar points cost are no where near as granular as in similar games, making smaller increments often more difficult to build to. On a more selfish note from Jim’s perspective, in a strict escalation format, it would be impossible to fit Teclis into his Lumineth Realmlords army…

Thanks for joining us along this journey. We hope to inform and inspire other hobbyists as much as possible and we know we will have plenty of fun along the way. Firstly, though, let’s start with introductions.

Introducing the Generals

Jim – The Prince of Order

Front cover of the Lumineth Realmlords battletome from Games Workshop

Occupation: Content Manager for a Theatre website

Primary Tabletop Game(s): Age of Sigmar and Dungeons & Dragons

Biggest Games Workshop Army: By sheer model count, a large World Eaters (formerly Khorne Daemonkin) army for Warhammer 40k.

Tale of Gamers Army: Lumineth Realmlords

What I hope to get out of this project?: Despite having been wargaming for twenty years, I’m terrible at actually winning games. Seriously, I suck at playing them – so my primary objective for this project is to ‘git gud’ at Age of Sigmar.

Ross – The Harbinger of Chaos

Front cover of the Beasts of Chaos battletome from Games Workshop

Occupation: Public Relations

Primary Tabletop Game(s): X-Wing

Biggest Games Workshop Army: Astra Militarum (I still call them Imperial Guard) – Badab Prime Defence Force for 40k.

Tale of Gamers Army: Beasts of Chaos

What I hope to get out of this project?: I would like to improve my understanding of AoS as a game while learning to paint a more organic, grubby looking army.

Paul – The Engine of Destruction

Front cover of the Sons of Behemat battletome from Games Workshop

Occupation: Code Monkey

Primary Tabletop Game(s): I play a large amount of Games Workshop games including AoS, 40k, Horus Heresy and Warhammer Underworlds. Current favourite is Adeptus Titanicus.

Biggest Games Workshop Army: Necrons for 40k

Tale of Gamers Army: Sons of Behemat

What I hope to get out of this project?: My painting is of a high standard…but I admit I’m somewhat slow. I would like to learn how to produce high-quality models with faster techniques and tools.

Dom – The Cold Hand of Death

Front cover of the Ossiarch Bonereapers battletome from Games Workshop

Occupation: Health & Safety

Primary Tabletop Game(s): Warhammer 40,000 and X-Wing

Biggest Games Workshop Army: Crimson Fist Space Marines for 40k

Tale of Gamers Army: Ossiarch Bonereapers

What I hope to get out of this project?: I’m completely new to AoS and must admit I’ve never been big on the painting side of the hobby, so I hope to find the joy in painting while also learning a new game

So there’s the four generals that will undertake this epic hobby task in this fresh(ish) new year. We hope you continue to follow this blog and that it may even inspire other epic level hobby projects within the community.

Stay tuned for army updates from all four of our Generals.

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